When you have a bright 9-year-old girl who loves dogs, you have to pull out the creative stops to give her the best puppy-loving slumber party she could imagine. And that is exactly what her mother Sandra did. Brace yourself for a whole lot of canine inspired cuteness.

Any time you embark on an original event theme, i.e. something you can’t just buy as a party-in-a-bag at a big box store, there will be more time spent at the figurative drawing board. To tackle this Sandra relied on Pinterest, building a board around dog-themed party ideas. She then shared the board with her daughter, and together they narrowed the selection down to the ideas they liked the most. For the biggest party impact, they decided to focus their efforts on a) food and b) party favors.


Accessibility was important, and Sandra arranged the food on an island (great for buffets) with low-sided plates in front and taller metal pails in the center. This multi-leveled display is visually appealing, and it also helps small hands avoid knocking over taller dishes while reaching for another dish. Smart mom, huh? By the way, the adorable metal pails are from Amazon and are another great way to carry the canine theme through the food display.

You’ll also note in the picture below that you don’t have to spend money on themed plates and platters. Instead pick either one color or one shape, and then use dishes that fit the criteria. I’m a huge fan of white or clear dishware, because they look clean, they go with everything, and they can do double duty for your everyday usage. That’s a win-win-win! If your tastes are all things purple, or you have a great collection of all round plates in multiple colors, then definitely use them to your advantage.

When it comes to the food, do a little savory, a little salty, and a little sweet, and you’ll have the basics covered for all your guests’ tastes. Slumber party + doggy theme = hot dog station, of course! Or should we say, main course. The girls tackled it so quickly that no pictures survived, so we can only imagine how much fun they had building their own hot dogs.

TIP: Food bars are very popular for all ages, because they allow people to customize the dish to their own tastes. If you haven’t tried one before, see our article What Is a Food Bar?.


You can’t live on hot dogs alone, despite what most kids will tell you. Sandra made sure the sides were covered, including crackers served with mini sausages and deli meats and cheeses cut into the shape of dog bones. A great nod to the doggy theme, and fun to eat, too.


When the girls were ready for dessert, Sandra made these great Twix dachshunds for munching. The girls loved them! They were a direct pin from Pinterest, although Sandra warns they were a lot more time-consuming to make than you would think. (A good cautionary tale for any craft or food ideas you find on the web.)


Not a fan of chocolate? Got you covered! Sandra had this great find at her local grocery store: shortbread Scotties!


Drinks are necessary, too, and Sandra was ready with these adorable fire hydrant cups she found on Amazon. Bright primary colors and bendy straws? Yes, please!


Party Favors

Sandra wanted all the girls to be comfortable and for the party to be memorable, and her party favors definitely succeeded on both accounts. She ordered pajamas from Amazon and dog robes from EBay , one set for each girl. I can only imagine the excited chatter when the girls tried on their comfy, new sleepwear.


The icing on the cake for our doggy slumber party was an “adopt-a-pet” station. This took the place of a traditional goody bag, which I doubt the girls even missed. Sandra ordered a variety of stuffed dogs from EBay , and each girl “adopted” a new puppy of their own. Aaawww. (Plus side: no parent will complain about their daughter bringing home a new pet!)


Sandra said the party was a success, and I believe it. Now, any of those dogs not get adopted? I have a good home for one! 😉