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What is Alice’s Events and how is it different than all the other event planning / party planning sites?

Our Goals

Alice’s Events was created with these goals in mind:

  1. We wanted to simplify and de-mystify the event planning process.
  2. We wanted to show anyone can plan a great event, even on a small budget and little time.
  3. We wanted to be a resource that is inclusive of ALL people, regardless of race, culture,  gender, religion, etc.

Our Philosophy

What do you think of when you hear “event planning”? Do your eyes glaze over as you imagine an elegant event with a guest list of hundreds and a budget of thousands? It doesn’t have to be that way! At Alice’s Events we believe that anyone – and we do mean *anyone* – can plan and host an event. In fact, you may already have done this without even realizing it! An event can be as simple as a family dinner at home with everyone’s favorite dishes and some flowers in the middle of the table. It can be that romantic date night where the two of you share an anniversary with cards and dinner at your favorite restaurant. It is anything that celebrates an occasion, a live event, or just life itself.

At Alice’s Events, we want to help you celebrate life.

Want to learn more? See our page Why We Do This.

Our People

You can’t have a party without people! Here are a few of ours.


The original Alice, Courtney started this site as a necessary means to get all those pesky event ideas out of her head (Aluminum foil? Spaceship party!) and out to others who might find them useful. Courtney found her way to event planning through a BFA in Theater Production, years interning with an event planner, and decorating events for local non-profits. She lives in Texas with her husband and daughter, who accept the roles of guinea pigs and sounding boards for all her party ideas.

For a blog on all of the bloopers, bombs, and lessons learned of event planning, see Courtney’s Musing Alice blogspot.


Graphic design guru and crafting genius, Kim hasn’t met a project that she can’t tame. When she isn’t creating logos and graphic layouts for businesses, she can be found planning and hosting all different kinds of events for family and friends. The more creative, the better! She and her family call Texas home, which puts Kim close to many bargain stores, discount outlets, and thrift shops, helping her keep her events stylish and still under budget!

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