As we move into the crispness of fall and say goodbye to the last few warm fronts of a late summer, here is a fun and fishy pool party to keep those sunny memories warm and inspire your plans for next spring!

This party combines two of our favorite summer activities: swimming at the pool and going fishing with loved ones. This party has some great points to recommend it: what you might spend in reserving a table at a local aquatic center, you save in costs for decorating, food, and favors. And you don’t have to worry about keeping the kids entertained, because, HELLO, pool!

Our industrious and creative parent Clarissa captured the adorable theme of fishing in a number of small ways that added up to a big impact. For birthday sweets she went with cupcakes, swirling blue and white icing to mimic water. She then topped them with small plastic fishing rods already loaded with assorted fish in the party’s theme colors of blue, green, orange, and red.

Some people prefer their sweets crunchy, and Clarissa had that covered as well. Knowing her time was limited to the tasks already at hand, she ordered custom cookies to match the theme (fish, bobbers, etc.). She then filled in the selection with a variety of sandwich cookies in chocolate chip and red velvet. YUM!

Favors were also dolled up in just the way you would expect: a brown paper bag reminiscent of packed lunches to be eaten while waiting for the fish to take a bite. Twine, tulle netting, and a small red and white bobber tied it tight so the goodies inside wouldn’t fall out. The bright red and white really popped against the calm tan of the bag.

Just in case anyone still had the munchies leaving the party, Clarissa sent them home with their own kid-friendly treats: chocolate pudding and Oreo crumbs for dirt and gummy worms and frogs wriggling their way to the surface.

There was plenty of laughter and fun at this party, with hopefully many more to come!