In my hunt for BUY + DIY party foods, I have found my latest favorite: decorated rice krispy treats! This classic recipe can be made for those that prefer home cooking, but you can also buy these snacks pre-made and individually wrapped! I don’t lean one way or the other on this BUY vs. DIY scale; it’s really up to your preferences, budget, and time.

So, why rice krispy treats? Besides the obvious answer – hello, DELICIOUS – these sweet crunches are also excellent at holding their shape and lasting longer than most desserts. If you watch some of the popular dessert baking shows, you may have noticed that the bakers sometimes use rice krispy treats to mold into a shape and / or use as a solid base for a larger dessert. They’re like bricks for building in the dessert world, haha. They also take icing and decorations really well, and they hold up better than their more crumbly cousins: cookies and cakes. The combination of sweet, crunchy rice and creamy frosting is also a bonus.

Now that we know why they work so well, let’s get started with our first example:

Rice Ghosties!


  • Rice Krispy Treats (homemade or premade, as long as they’re rectangles)
  • White Frosting
  • Black Icing Tube (alternative: any darker colored icing for decorating)

Step 1: Cut off the top corners of your rectangles to give the shape a more rounded edge for the ghost’s head. This also works if you want to do tombstones.


Step 2: Frost your treats! You don’t have to make it perfect. It actually looks more like a raggedy ghost if it’s uneven, so take it easy and call it authentic. 😉


Step 3: Use a black icing tube (like the one here by Wilson) or a darker icing with a toothpick for drawing the face. (Think of the toothpick as your paintbrush and the frosting as your paint.) Don’t forget to experiment with your faces! The more variety of expressions, the more fun and unique the ghosts are.


And you’re done! Arrange them on a fun Halloween plate for your guests and enjoy the compliments. If you have any left over after the party, put them in airtight containers and continue to enjoy them for up to two weeks post baking / unwrapping.


Alternative Ideas

Looking for more fun ideas for your decorated rice krispy treats? How about these magic carpet treats for a genie-inspired party. They were made with vanilla frosting and chocolate frosting and decorated with fun sprinkles in the party’s theme colors. Because the birthday girl was helping make these, we set up a kid-friendly station to catch all the loose sprinkles. (They’re like glitter and show up EVERYWHERE.)


Or do you need something themed around race cars, monster trucks, and construction sites? These adorable stoplight treats made with red, green, and yellow M&Ms are perfect for the job. This inspired mom, Clarissa, cut the treats in half length-wise and simply pressed the colored candies into the treat. BOOM.


And our next project for upcoming holidays will be Christmas Tree treats! These will be a little more challenging, as it will involve either a) cutting the treat into the shape of a tree OR b) drawing a tree onto the treat and filling it in. I’m not yet sure which will be easier, and that means I get to try out both methods to share with YOU. 🙂

Happy treating!