Looking for the luck of the Irish without coughing up your own pot of gold? Try this easy and affordable craft to create your own lucky, four-leafed clovers. (Shamrocks = clovers.) They’re great for decorating, pinning to your shirt to avoid getting pinched, and giving away to friends to share the luck.

Supplies are simple: green chenille stems. These come in a variety of shades and styles, such as plain, metallic, or extra fluffy. Mix’em up for even more customization and personality!

Step 1) Bend your stem evenly in half.


Step 2) Loop one side back to the middle and twist the end around it. This will help hold it together during later steps.


Step 3) Repeat the above step to the other side, also twisting the end around the middle. It should look like the top half of a bow.


Step 4) Bend in the middle of the loop on one side until it looks like a wide heart.


Step 5) Repeat the above step on the other side. Now it’s a butterfly! But we’re not done yet…


Step 6) Holding the top half (the top two loops) in one hand and the bottom half (the bottom two loops) in the other, twist them one full turn in opposite directions. This will close those open loops from before. If they seem loose, you can twist them one more time. Don’y forget to reform your loops so they’re nice and round!


And there you have it! We used additional chenille stems to attach our clovers to the handle on a basket. My daughter loved them so much, I made a few extra with which she has been playing. Sometimes the best toys are the crafty toys.

Happy eventing!